Monday, November 11, 2013

Chapter 49 being posted (the rest of it will be posted soon)


Jimmy quietly shut the front door of his house after stepping out into the chilling night air.  He had decided not to take his car.  For one thing, he didn’t want to risk waking his parents and sister with starting up the engine.  Another reason was that he just needed to walk.  Walk and clear his mind.  Of course, he would need to make sure he was alert enough if a police car happened to approach wherever he would end up.
Jimmy took out one of the rolled up cigarettes Carl had given him earlier that day.  Thinking of Carl made him think of Dorothy and Anton’s final words to him.
Make certain that Dorothy does not leave town.
Why? Jimmy thought.  What does he want with Dorothy?
He remembered Anton mentioning a bloodline, one that Jimmy himself was apparently part of.  He wondered if somehow Dorothy was as well.
Jimmy brought the cigarette to his lips and fished a half-used book of matches out from his pocket.  He took out a match and went to strike it against the rough strip on the book it came out from.  But before he could even touch the tip of the match to the strip, the match lit up on its own, causing Jimmy to flinch in surprise.  He could feel his heart thudding inside his chest.  He threw match onto the stone walkway, stepping the flame out with his foot.  This occurred with three more matches until Jimmy finally caved in and touched the flame to the end of his cigarette.  He blew out the smoke and looked down the road in the direction the cemetery was in.  He felt a compelling urge to walk in that direction.  Taking another drag, he inhaled deeply, taking all the cigarette had to offer into his lungs.  He exhaled and began walking toward the Plains Cemetery.  It was as though his feet had a mind of their own and he was going to the old graveyard whether he liked it or not.
The entire encounter with Anton still felt surreal to him.  As though the whole thing had been nothing more than a dream.

Maybe it was.  Maybe it was all a dream and I’m jumpy over nothing…

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