Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reworking the Beginning

Hey everyone,
I know I mentioned before that the Prologue may not end up being a Prologue.  After looking at it, I'm thinking of changing it from being a Prologue to the first part of the book.  I'm compiling an intro to have before introducing the four bloodline patriarchs just to tie it together a little more.  I just feel that after reading it over, it's more than merely a prologue.
I'm having great difficulty with leaving it as it is to ferment because everytime I look at it?  I find something else that needs adjusted.  Ah well.  Eventually, I will have to put it away for a while and then return to it with 'new eyes' for another draft before giving it over to a couple sympathetic yet unbiased pairs of eyes to be proofread.  I already did get a useful note from someone whom I had read what used to be called the Prologue.  Something that I did not realize I was doing before it was pointed out to me.  Now I'm constantly fixing it in the newer draft I'm working on because now that I've noticed it, it's bugging the hell out of me.
I am looking forward to reading it after putting it aside for a month or two and seeing it come to life in a way I probably can't see right now.
Well, that's a draft update and I thank all who keep returning to read the very raw first draft!  Stay tuned for Chapter 42!


UPDATE:  What was called the prologue is now titled "Hector's Vision" with Hector de Fuentes as the 'wrap-around.'  I'm going to need to rework it a little, but I think it will flow much better once it is finished.  "Hector's Vision" will then still be followed by "Nicolae's Escape."  :)

I've also thought of calling in "Hector's Cave" which somehow I think sounds better...

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