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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Fourth Interlude (UNEDITED)

Here is Part 2's FOURTH INTERLUDE.  Everything else will be coming asap.  Still Chapter by Chapter but with more frequency than before.

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-Chapter 36 before proceeding to the Fourth Interlude.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)  Alot beginning to happen so stay tuned :)


Matthew held onto Willow, rocking her as he did Dorothy when she was the age Willow was at.
“How did you get here?” he absently asked her.  “Where did you go when you left?”
They were surrounded by mist and an open blackness.  Even the ground on which they stood didn’t seem to be an actual ground.  It seemed light, weightless.  Everything about there surroundings were.  But Willow was real.  Nearly eighty years after her disappearance she had been found.  Matthew thought about taking her back home, away from this…wherever this was.
Then he heard the other voices.  “Matthew!” they echoed.
They were just as disjointed and disembodied as his and Willow’s had been.  But Matthew recognized them as being the voices of Tahatan and Father Louis.  They were close by, or at least sounded as if they were.
Matthew set Willow down, holding onto her hand and yelling, “I’m here!”
“Stay where you are, Matthew!  We’re coming!  At least I think so.”  It was Father Louis.
Matthew stood, surveying the mist that swirled on the ground below the black sky.
“Keep talking, Matthew,” Tahatan yelled.
Matthew opened his mouth to speak but turned his head when he noticed something different.  The hand that was holding onto Willow’s was now empty.  Willow was gone.
Matthew turned his head and began to frantically search for the little girl.
WILLOW!” he yelled.
Matthew began to run into the mist.  WILLOW!!”
“MATTHEW!”  The frantic voice of Tahatan pulsed through the void.
Matthew paid no attention and carried on in search of Willow despite hearing the voices of Tahatan and Father Louis as they were in persuit of him.
Willow, come back.  Please!  I want to take you out of here,”  Matthew cried beginning to feel defeated.  He heard Tahatan and Father Louis converse with one another but their words were lost on him.
Matthew continued through the mist in search of Willow.  He was filled with anguish and the thought of finding Willow was all he could think about.  The mist grew thicker as he continued.  He wondered how long he had been in this place.  It only seemed like he had been in there for maybe a half hour.  Forty minutes at the most.
As he continued on, his surroundings grew darker and there was no sign of Willow.  The voices of Tahatan and Father Louis also began to sound as though they were further away now.  Matthew looked behind him, only seeing dense mist around him and the black void above him.  He began to feel foolish for running from Tahatan and Father Louis.
What came over me?
He began to think about how if perhaps he would have stayed put, they all could have found a way to help Willow and get back to Plains.  To his family.
My family!
For the first time, he thought about the situation he was in.  How the three of them had disappeared from Plains and how Liz and Dorothy would be if he didn’t return and soon.  And Willow.  I’m not helping her or anyone being lost here.
The initial cloudiness that had filled his head just moments earlier evaporated and solidarity began to set in.  He began calling for Tahatan and Father Louis but to no avail.  Matthew turned back in the direction he had come from and was suddenly assaulted by a bright white light.  He blocked the light from entering his eyes, bring his arm up for protection.

The overpowering brightness of the white light began to dim just enough for Matthew to uncover his eyes and when he did, he was mesmerized by what he saw.  He could not take his eyes away from what towered in front of him.  A prism of every color imagninable (and some unimaginable) swirled in a circular motion in front of him.  It was the most magnificent and offsetting thing Matthew had ever seen.  Staring into it was soothing, lulling him into a trance state.  He no longer had any sense of time or his surroundings and he was unaware of Tahatan and Father Louis approaching where he stood just in time to see the prism swallow Matthew up.

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