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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL 1931-1933: Chapter 37 (UNEDITED)

Here is Chapter 37.  Everything else will be coming asap.  

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-Fourth Interlude before proceeding to Chapter 37.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)  Alot beginning to happen so stay tuned :)

PS- A bit of trivia:  The red hallway dream that Dorothy has (which appears more in the final chapters) is based on a recurring dream I actually had a couple years ago).


It was nearly one in the morning and Dorothy still hadn’t fallen asleep.  She lay awake in the dark looking up at the ceiling and hearing nothing but the silence around her.  She lie in bed, her brain swimming and trying to absorb what she had read in Maxine’s diary.
Hugh and Melinda Singleton…who lived in upstate New York…and had a baby girl named Alice Rosalyn…or Jared and Maxine had the baby girl and gave her up to Hugh and Melinda for a large sum of money…they named her Alice…Alice Singleton…Grandma Whitman’s name before she was married…
Dorothy sat up slowly, barely feeling any physical pain that still lingered from her recent attack.  She was numb.  Physically and emotionally.  She looked toward the window, the light from the moon filtered in through the blue and cream curtains.
All these years…I thought Hugh and Melinda Singleton were my great-grandparents.  I thought Grandma Alice was their daughter.  But they weren’t.  Jared and Maxine were Grandma Alice’s real parents.  I wonder if she knew…they were the real grandparents of my mother and Aunt Roxanne and my…
Dorothy halted her thoughts as admitting the truth, what she had read in Maxine’s own writing, was almost too much to handle.
Come to think of it, Grandma Alice really does resemble the two of them more than the Singleton’s.  How could I not have noticed that before?  Aunt Roxanne had Maxine’s light blue eyes and mom has the same hair color…
Dorothy stopped her thoughts from running away again.  She just couldn’t allow herself to think of it anymore.  At least not tonight.
Dorothy lay back down and stared up at the dreamcatcher.  Thoughts of her father and mother lost began to assault her mind and she began to have visions of her mother slicing open her throat again.  She focused on the warm memories she had with her father’s side of the family which was quite the opposite of what she had of her mother’s family.  She tried to picture her great grandparents, Jonathan and Kimimela, from the photographs she had seen.  She remembered Gerard and Violet being just down the hall.  She remembered her father and mother happy and together.  She thought of Carl and of seeing him sitting out on his backporch earlier.
The thoughts made her feel better, though she still felt very unsettled.  Staring up at the dreamcatcher above her, Dorothy fell into a restless sleep.  She found herself in a corridor that had red carpeting and red walls with intricate gold patterns.  It was familiar.  She had been there before.
Dorothy began to slowly walk down the corridor, her bare feet touching the velvety carpet.  The end of the corridor was not in site but the white doors that were widely spaced apart.  There was evil here.  She could feel it.  But where?  Behind one of the doors?  Dorothy stopped at one of the doors and slowly pushed it open…
Before she could see what was on the other side, her eyes opened to see that the moonlight had been replaced by the morning sunrise.  She was able to hear her grandma Violet in the kitchen and it was likely that her grandpa Gerard had also gotten up to go work in the yard.  The Blakes had always typically been a family of early risers as opposed to the Whitmans.  Dorothy didn’t even have to guess that Cyril and Alice where still in bed sleeping in.
Dorothy sighed.  She didn’t want to think about her grandma Alice or anything from the night before.  Her mind was still in shambles over everything that had occurred.  It all seemed surreal.  Like a terrible dream she hadn’t woken from.
A dream…
She could see the red and gold corridor and the white doors.  She remembered.  It had been part of the dream she had when she was seven.
The red corridor and that creature…
She remembered the creature who had attacked her when her parents disappeared being there.
Dorothy sat up.  Try as she might, she couldn’t recall anymore details of the dream that had terrified her as a child.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to remember anymore as a feeling of both terror and excitement filled her.  Dorothy looked at the phone on her desk, purposely avoiding her history textbook and the notes on the Flemings and Alexandrescus.  Her thoughts went to Carl and how he very likely was prolonging getting up for school as much as he could.  Even Mark and Emily were usually up before he was.  Dorothy knew that it was normal for Gladys to have to go to Carl’s bedroom at least three times in an attempt to get Carl out of bed.  Then he would finally and very begrudgingly get out of bed.  The entire Turner family would be down at the breakfast table when as Carl descended the stairs still buttoning his shirt.
A small smile crept over Dorothy’s face.  Carl never failed to lift her spirits, even if he wasn’t there to do so.  But she wanted to talk to him.  She wanted to hear his voice.  She wanted to see him.  She wanted him to tell her that everything would be alright.  That after she recovered and was back at school, everything would be back to normal.
But it wouldn’t be…the thought was sinister but held plenty of water.
It’s true, she thought.  Mom, Dad, Tahatan, and Father Louis are still missing.
Dorothy felt her throat beginning to swell as tears formed in her eyes.
What if they’re never found?  Or what if they’re found but…

She had been trying not to think in such a way but it was a reality she may have to face.  There were many realities just around the corner and Dorothy questioned whether she would be able to handle it.  Any of it.


After breakfast, Dorothy sat at her desk trying to finish up a history assignment.  She had still managed to avoid looking at the notes and diary but her assignment on Romania also did not do too much to allow for forgetting the discovery in Maxine’s diary the previous night.  The Alexandrescus still looked out at her from their portraits printed in the pages of her textbook.
Dorothy did feel a little better as Carl had called her that morning after he had reached school.  The Blakes and Whitmans had finished a silent and rather awkward breakfast when the phone rang.  Luckily, Gerard had been the one to answer the phone.  Of course, Alice wore a look of disapproval when Carl was revealed to be the one calling but Gerard ignored her and handed Dorothy the phone.
Dorothy had tried to put up a cheerful front for Carl, but it wasn’t easy.  Facing her grandma Whitman after discovering what was written in Maxine’s diary was not easy and Dorothy’s emotions toward her maternal grandmother at that moment were a tangled mess.  On the one hand, she felt sorry for her.  She wondered if her grandmother knew and if she did know, just how much?  And how had she discovered the the truth of her parentage if she had?  And exactly how much did grandma Alice know about her birth parents?
Carl appeared to see through Dorothy’s facade of cheerfulness as he had asked her three times if she was sure everything was alright.  She had insisted that everything was fine and that she was just a little tired and sore.  Carl had said that he would call her that afternoon before he would be over to see her.
“And hopefully your grandmother will let me in,” Carl had said.
“I’ll let my grandpa and grandma Blake know that you’re coming,” Dorothy had replied while making sure Alice wasn’t in earshot.  “They’ll let you in.  Besides, Gail and Linda are also coming by to give me more schoolwork.”
“How’s that coming?” Carl asked.  “Are you getting caught up?”
“I think so,” she said.  “It’s just a lot to catch up on.  But I think I will be by the time I go back.  Believe it or not, I’m actually looking forward to being back at school.”
“Well I’m definitely looking forward to you being back in school,” he said.
Dorothy paused before she asked, “How are Evan and Bernice?”
“They’re good,” Carl said.  “Can’t keep their hands off eachother.  Like Jimmy and Linda.”
Dorothy felt a pain of nostalgia shoot through her at the mention of Jimmy and Linda.  All she wanted was for things to go back to the way they were before they all went up to the Fleming orphanage.
Dorothy finished the last of her history assignments and was relieved to be able to put them away.  Her eyes went over to the desk drawer where she had placed the diary and notes.  Her arm reached out and placed her hand on the drawer’s handle.

Pandora’s Box was opened on Halloween at the Fleming place, she thought.  And the six of us…we all contributed.

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