Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First part of chapter 38

Hey all,

Here is the first part of chapter 38 and I'll be posting the rest later on.  Had a busy weekend at Horror Realm and I have some more news to report as well.  But for now, here is the first paragraph of chapter 38.


That afternoon, Gerard came in from working out in the garage when Violet came out to tell him that lunch was ready.  Cyril and Alice had gone out that day and the three Blakes couldn’t help feeling relieved to have them out of the house.  Dorothy had been able to make it down the stairs to join her grandparents.  The conversation was stilted but more pleasant than the night before.  Dorothy was also able to help her grandmother clean up the table.  Gerard had gone back outside to finish raking the leaves.  Dorothy looked out the kitchen window, watching her grandfather.  She noticed that her grandma Violet was watching her and giving her a small nod.
“I haven’t been outside in a couple weeks,” Dorothy said.
Violet gave her granddaughter a faint smile.  Dorothy went to the coat closet in the foyer and got her jacket out, slowly sliding it on.  The pain in her side was almost gone.

Dorothy opened up the front door and stepped outside.  The crisp, autumn air felt wonderful after weeks of being between a hospital room and inside the house.

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