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PART 2, THE FIRST EVIL, 1931-1933: Chapter 31 (UNEDITED)

Here is Chapter 31.

If you are just catching up, see the CHAPTERS section to read the Prologue-Chapter 30 before proceeding to the Chapter 31.

Also, check out some further character development in some excerpts from the second draft in the SAMPLES section. 

Otherwise, read from the word go :)


Carl and Paul Turner arrived at the Blake residence within ten minutes of Dorothy’s phone call.  Paul and Gladys had both been in the sitting room when the phone rang, Paul reading the evening paper and Gladys was sewing up a couple buttons on her husband’s work shirt.  Their other two children, fourteen-year-old Mark and eleven-year-old Emily were at the radio arguing over which show they were going to listen to.  Paul had gone to answer the phone when Carl had come tearing into the sitting room and grabbed for the receiver.  After getting a brief scolding from his mother of no running in the house (something that Paul and Gladys frequently lectured their son on to no avail), Carl was allowed to answer the phone.  Carl would never be able to explain why, but on the phone’s first ring there had been a gnawing feeling that he needed to answer it.
The other four Turners had their eyes on Carl as he listened to Dorothy’s broken speech over the phone.  After hanging up, Carl had begun running for the door when Paul stopped him and insisted on going with him and grabbed his pistol from a lock box in his and Gladys’s bedroom and slung in on his belt.
Paul and Carl rode the short distance over to the Blakes’ in Paul’s car.  Matthew’s car was not in the driveway so Paul quickly pulled in.  As they ran up the porch steps, they noticed the door was open ajar.  Carl immediately ran in and began to call for Dorothy as he ran up the stairs.
“Son, wait!” Paul said with his pistol on his belt for a quick reach.  “We don’t know what’s going on.”
But Paul’s words fell on deaf ears and he ran to catch up with his son, keeping one hand on his pistol.  They could see the light in Dorothy’s bedroom spilling into the hallway.  Paul kept up with Carl until they reached the doorway of Dorothy’s bedroom and what they saw made both of them freeze cold in their tracks.
There was a creature in Dorothy’s bedroom.  Nothing like either of them had ever seen before.  It was a lean, lanky body, almost like that of a leopard’s with a long tail in the back.  It was on all fours and its feet seemed to be a combination of human hands and a hawk’s claws.  It was standing over Dorothy, who lay still on the floor.  Its face was in her side and blood gush out onto the floor.  Dorothy’s desk chair had been knocked over and a lot of the content of her desk had been strewn about the room, indicating a struggle between Dorothy and whatever the creature was.
Carl started running over to Dorothy but Paul held his son back with one hand while reaching for his pistol with the other and firing a warning shot into the ceiling.  The creature froze and began to slowly rise until it was standing on its hind legs.  It was then that Paul and Carl both noticed that the creature’s coat seemed to be a combination of black, matted fur and reptilian scales.  It began to slowly turn its head to face Paul and Carl.  The face of the creature was pale, surrounded by black fur.  The pale skin was stretched so thin that there only seemed to be one layer of skin over the creature’s skull.  Its eyes were empty sockets that glowed red from deep inside the skull and its nose resembled that of a human burn victim whose nose had been burned away in an accident.  The mouth of the creature boasted two rows of razor sharp teeth on both the top and the bottom.  Rotted blood and tissue stuck to several teeth and fresh blood and skin hung from its mouth.  The creature was able to turn its head completely around as it looked back at Paul and Carl.  It then opened its mouth, dropping the piece of flesh it had been gnawing on and let out an unearthly shriek that filled the house, almost causing it to shake.
The creature spun its body around to meet its head before getting onto all fours and dashing past Carl and Paul as almost a black blur and bounded down the hallway to the open window at the end of the hall.  As the creature reached the window, Paul was able to quickly aim his pistol and fire a shot at the creature hitting it in the shoulder blade.  The creature stalled at the window and Paul expected it to fall down.  Instead, it rose up on its hind legs again and twisted its head around to face where Paul and Carl stood with a combination of awe and terror.  The creature took a moment to stare into them, filling the upstairs with the darkest, most hateful presence that either Paul or Carl would ever feel.  Then with another shriek, the creature dove out the window, disappearing into the night.  Paul rushed over to the window and Carl over to Dorothy.
“Dorothy, honey,” Carl said as he knelt beside Dorothy.
Her normally peachy complexion had gone ashen and her hair was matted down with sweat that soaked her skin.  Her pajama top had been torn open, revealing her upper torso.  Carl looked down to the left side of Dorothy’s stomach where the creature had had its face and noticed the flesh torn away exposing muscle tissue.  Carl removed his jacket, placing it on the wound and adding pressure in an attempt to slow down the bleeding.  He also took the tattered pieces of her pajama top and tried to cover her chest up as best he could, noticing the purple scar that was near her left breast.
Carl had just gotten Dorothy covered when Paul burst into the room and reached for the phone.
“I don’t know what the hell that thing was but it needs to be tracked down and shot,” Paul said as he frantically dialed the number for the police station.
Carl barely heard his father on the phone with the police and paramedics.  He checked Dorothy’s pulse and to his relief, it was still there.
“She’s still alive,” Carl said absently.
When Paul hung up he said, “The paramedics will be here any minute.  God, where the hell is everyone?  Surely they didn’t just leave Dorothy alone when she’s still recovering.  Liz!  Matthew!”
Paul searched the upstairs and downstairs for anyone else in the house but all seemed to be empty.  Then, Paul noticed the cellar door.  He opened it and keeping his pistol close, he switched on the small light and descended down the stairs.  When he reached the bottom, he took a quick look around.  The cellar had some work tools store in it along with the ice box and a door that led to an area where Matthew kept the coal they would burn in their sitting room coal stove during the winter.
Paul went to go look in the coal area but stopped short and turned to the ice box instead.
“I’m being a paranoid numbskull,” he said shaking his head.  But he still couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that there was a less than benevolent reason for Dorothy being alone in the house.
Taking in a deep breath, Paul threw open the door to the coal area and pulled the lightstring down.  One glance into the small area told him that it was in fact empty save for the large pile of coal.  Exhaling a sigh of relief, he switched the light back off and shut the door.  His gaze went back to the icebox, but he chose to ignore it and went back upstairs to check on Carl and Dorothy.
Carl sat beside Dorothy still applying pressure to Dorothy’s wound with his blood soaked jacket.  He had also removed his shirt to use in case his jacket became useless and it was getting to that point.  Carl was relieved that the bleeding seemed to be slowing down, but Dorothy was still very weak.
“Baby, I need you to stay with me,” Carl said to her with a soothing tone.
Just then, Dorothy’s eyes began to flutter.
“Carl…” she said in a choked, faint voice.
“Yeah, sweetheart,” he answered holding back the tears that threatened.  “I’m here and I’m not leaving you.  The paramedics should be here any minute.”
Neither Dorothy nor Carl noticed Paul standing near the doorway watching them.  Paul watched swallowing back the lump in his throat as his son stayed by Dorothy’s side.
I’ve never seen Carl be like that toward anyone, he thought.
At that moment, Paul heard the police and paramedics arriving at the Blake house and he took one final look outside the window where the creature had jumped out from.
Why would Matthew and Liz have the window open in the first place?  It’s not exactly summer.
He looked down toward the ground below the window and wondered how anything human or animal could survive that fall without so much as a sprain.
The wall itself is also steep…scaling it would be next to impossible.
Nothing was making sense.

As the police and paramedics entered, Paul thought he could see shapes in the sky, flying in the distance toward where the Fleming place was.  Shapes that looked like large winged birds.  He turned his head to see the paramedics ascending the stairs and when Paul turned his head back to the window, the winged creatures had vanished. 

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