Monday, August 5, 2013

First Draft of Book 2 Excerpts

Here are two more excerpts from Book 2 unedited and in no particular order :)  And check out Chapter 27 of Book 1.


Excerpt 1:

Ronnie and Everett had been working on their airplanes over the passed week, building them and now painting them and were almost finished.  Ronnie had run out of red paint and was sharing Everett’s, but now Everett was running low too. 
“How far are you?” Ronnie asked.
“I’m almost done,” Everett replied.
Ronnie grinned at his brother.  “Bet I could beat you,” he challenged.
Everett rolled his eyes.  Ronnie’s competitiveness could be so annoying.
“I just want to finish my airplane,” Everett stated.
Ronnie looked disappointed, but continued painting.  The boys painted for a while longer when the red paint ran out.
“Damn,” Ronnie said. 
Everett looked toward the kitchen to make sure their mother hadn’t heard Ronnie say a bad word.  They had learned a couple bad words from Jay’s older brothers, Thirteen year old Vincent and eleven year old Alfonzo.  They knew that saying them around their parents would get them into trouble.  They’d be grounded for a week which meant no playing with friends, no books, no radio, nothing fun.  Their mother hadn’t seemed to have heard and for that, Everett was relieved.  He looked back at Ronnie and the empty red paint cup.
“I need red to finish,” Ronnie sighed.
“I saw some in dad’s work shed,” Everett said, but immediately regretted saying so.  He did not want to go out by the woods at night where the shed was.
“Great!” Ronnie cried, “go get it.”
“Well,” Everett said slowly, “I think it’s for painting houses though.”
Ronnie frowned, “It will still work, I think.”
“Why don’t you just use another color,” Everett suggested.
“Because I already started with red and it will look stupid if I use another color.  Now come on, go get the red paint from dad’s shed.”
“Why don’t you go get it?  You’re the one who needs it.”
“Because you know where it is,” Ronnie stated.  Then he paused and studied his sandy-haired twin.
“You’re not scared, are you?”
“No,” Everett said, “why would you think that?”
“Well then go get it.”
“You’re scared,” Ronnie cried and began making chicken noises at his brother.  Everett got up defiantly.
“Ronnie, stop it,” he said, “I’m going to get it.” 
He got up and headed toward the cupboard where they kept the keys.  He stood on his tiptoes and got the keys to their dad’s shed. 
“Be careful of the boogeyman,” Ronnie said in a spooky voice.  Everett rolled his eyes at his brother.
“I’ll be right back,” Everett said and headed to the kitchen.
He knew that if he stalled anymore, Ronnie’s calling him a chicken would continue.  He may even end up telling Jay, Eugene, and the other boys.  He did not want his friends thinking he was a chicken.  And he wasn’t a chicken.  He couldn’t be a chicken.  He wasn’t a baby anymore.  He was seven.

Everett went to the kitchen to let his mom know where he was going.

Excerpt 2:

After their parents had left, Everett turned onto his side and began to fall asleep when he saw a small light flicker on at Ronnie’s side of the room.  Everett knew what it was.  It was Ronnie’s small flashlight.  He then heard a rustling sound coming from Ronnie’s bed.  Sure enough, Ronnie had gotten the pulp thriller back out and was looking at it in the dark.  Everett began to close his eyes when Ronnie began to call him over.
Everett,” Ronnie whispered.
“What,” Everett answered.
“Come over here,” Ronnie said.
“Why,” Everett replied, slightly annoyed.
“Because you have to check this out,” Ronnie said.
Everett sighed and got out of bed.  He knew Ronnie wasn’t going to give up until he got Everett to come over.  Everett’s feet touched the rug that was between their beds and he walked over to Ronnie’s bed.
“You know we’ll get in big trouble if mom and dad come in and see us,” Everett said.
“They won’t be in to check on us for a while.  Come here,” Ronnie said, scooting over and making room for EverettEverett sat on the bed next to his twin. 
“Now take a look at this,” Ronnie said handing the magazine over to his twin.  It was a picture of a pretty young woman, possibly their mother’s age or a couple years younger.  She was posing rather seductively in a negligee. 
“Check out her gams,” Ronnie said.
Everett frowned.  “Her what?”
“That’s a word for legs!  Geeze, Everett!  What planet are you on?”
Everett looked at his brother.  Ronnie sometimes teased him about not being up to date with ‘man things.’  Ronnie learned a lot of this stuff from Jay who had picked it up from Vincent.  Vincent had a few teenaged friends which is where Everett guessed Vincent had heard such things from.  Everett did have to admit, though, that the woman in the picture was very pretty.  But then he remembered that Jay and Ronnie had proposed that their group of boys have a He-Man Woman Haters Club after they had seen a few episodes of “Our Gang” at the cinema.
“So tell me again why you and Jay want us to have a He-Man Woman Haters Club if you like looking at pictures of girls.  That doesn’t make much sense,” Everett said.
“Yes it does,” Ronnie said, “girls like her are different from the annoying girls here in town.”
Everett began to answer but they heard footsteps heading toward their room.  Everett quickly sprung out of Ronnie’s bed, dashing back into his while Ronnie turned out his flashlight, hiding it and the magazine back under the covers.  They had just pulled their blankets up to their chins when their father opened the door, spilling light in from the hallway.

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