Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Excerpts from the First Rewrite/Second Draft, Chapter 20 of First Draft Coming Monday

Hey everyone,

Well, I posted two more excerpts from the first rewrite/second draft.  The first is actually an added Chapter/Interlude that isn't in the original first draft.  It is a Third Interlude in PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE and I think (at least so far) that it makes a little smoother intro into Teresa's "voices" and her descent into the dark.  The new interlude takes place between Chapters 6 & 7.

I also posted an excerpt from the second draft/first rewrite of Chapter 5.

I placed the new Third Interlude in the SAMPLES section and even squeezed it into it's respected place in CHAPTERS.

You can read them at the following links:

Second Draft/First Rewrite: THIRD INTERLUDE added to 'Part 1, Nicolae's Escape' (full chapter)  

Second Draft/First Rewrite: Chapter 5 (Excerpt Only)


Chapters (with third interlude in Part 1 added)

I will have Chapter 20 of the first draft posted on Monday.  I'm thinking of making Monday the designated posting day for the first draft Chapters and Friday the day for posting excerpts from subsequent drafts, new playlists, and things like that (since Monday and Friday are already kind of the designated posting days).  That way I hopefully won't forget to post the next Chapter like I did last time.  So we'll see how that works.  Just bear with me. :D  We're actually a little more than halfway through with the first draft of Book 1 so maybe I'll even post two chapters on some posting days. 

I'm headed to New Jersey tomorrow morning for my sister's wedding where I'll also be singing in.  So wish me luck in not being a crying mess as I try to sing the songs I'm supposed to!

Have a good weekend and I'll be posting again on Monday :)

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