Monday, May 20, 2013

New Samples Section with First Rewrite of "Prologue," Chapter 18 of First Draft Coming this Week

Hi everyone,

Well, first I had a blast at Horror Hotel.

Second, I added a new section called the SAMPLES section.  This section will include Chapters and/or Chapter excerpts from the second draft, any other rewrites, and the final copy.

I started this by posted the first rewrite/second draft of the Prologue.  I will be posting more as I go.  After the second draft, I will likely put this story through one more round of corrections before I give it to people to proofread.

Check it out here:
Second Draft/First Rewrite of Prologue

or here:
SAMPLES section

Also, Chapter 18 will be posted this week along with some more setting and character sketches! :)

Thanks everyone for reading so far!

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