Monday, May 13, 2013

Chapter 17, Playlist Mix #3, Horror Hotel

Hey all,

Check out Chapter 17  which I just posted!

Or catch up in the Chapters section if you need to.

I also made a new playlist mix.  This one is a bit darker than the other two and features Big Electric Cat, Switchblade Symphony, Android Lust, Tori Amos, and others.  Check it out in the MUSIC section or click on the link below:

Mix 3 (featuring Big Electric Cat, Android Lust, Diva Destruction, Tori Amos, 45 Grave, Black Tape for a Blue Girl, The Mission, and Loreena McKennit)  

I likely won't be getting to posting Chapter 18 until next week since I have to get ready for the Horror Hotel Film Convention this coming weekend and have much to get done before then.  But thanks to everyone who has been reading so far and I'm looking forward to getting it cleaned up, proofread, and having the finished product.  :)

Have a great week, everyone.

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