Monday, April 29, 2013

Chapter 15 to be posted later on and more fixes to Chapter 14

Hey everyone,

After I get a few more things done, I'll be posting Chapter 15 later tonight.  Even though this is supposed to be the "raw and completely unedited" first draft, I'll be combing through the chapters prior to posting them from here on out.  Not to the extent I will be when doing the second draft?  But at least looking for inconsistencies that will stick out like a sore thumb.  I ended up finding and fixing another in Chapter 14.  Yes, the whole thing with the painting the kids find upon entering the hall that is similar to the Monet painting.  Since the Monet in question was done in 1903, it was obviously done well after Cedric and Margaret Fleming had died so there's no way they could have even known of it to have something similar done (or....could they....?).  But even if they somehow mysteriously could (which may be another avenue to open in the Flemings' story), there's no way Dorothy could really know that (at least not at that first moment).  So I basically changed it to Dorothy's observing the similarities between that painting and the Monet and just left it at that.  Who knows...that may be an avenue explored later in one of the future books (as yes, I will say that all the families and original patriarchs and matriarchs do get revisited) or even touched on some when I do draft 2 of this first book.  We'll see :)  But all of it still made me wonder if there were fumes somewhere sneaking up through my nasal cavities and into my brain when I wrote Chapter 14...

I'm also starting to read Wuthering Heights again as it is a book that is among Dorothy's favorites.  I've only read it once and that was a few years ago.

Whelp, that's all and I'll be posting Chapter 15 soon! Shit's about to get real.  :D

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