Saturday, March 23, 2013

Section 1 of THE TIME IN BETWEEN Posted, The Mission on the Playlist, Inspiration for the "Teresa" Character

Hey everyone!

Section 1 of THE TIME IN BETWEEN, 1846-1931 is now up.  THE TIME IN BETWEEN, 1846-1931 revisits the Blake and Livingston families and we might even see what actually became of Nicolae and Teresa.

You can either read it from the jump at the post below or just click here.

And if you still need to catch up, you can do so in the  CHAPTERS section.

And another song has been adding to the Playlist.  It's The Mission's "Deliverance":

And while I haven't really thought of a "dream cast", I do have inspiration for some of the characters.  Some of those inspirations are people I know in real life and others are public figures.  This was the photo that I found inspiring while writing about "Teresa."  It was this particular still of Samantha Barks in the film Les Miserables (as Eponine).

Hope you guys continue to enjoy the installments of the first Bloodlines book.  I do have a few permanent titles in mind for the series.  Just need to decide on which one would fit best :)  And I'll be starting the second draft soon. :)

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