Monday, February 18, 2013

PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: Second Interlude (UNEDITED) *violent content*

If you're just catching up, read the FULL PROLOGUE, Part 1-4 and Conclusion UNEDITED and PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: First Interlude (UNEDITED) *Explicit* and CHAPTER 1 and CHAPTER 2 before reading on to the SECOND INTERLUDE. 


The dagger drew close to Dimitri’s throat.  The terror in the young heir’s eyes was unmistakable and Nicolae couldn’t help being swallowed by the sense of power he felt.  He watched as the dagger’s blade sliced Dimitri’s throat, ear to ear in one clean, swift, movement.  He could see the blood beginning to gush out of the wound and from Dimitri’s mouth.  But watching him bleed to death this way wasn’t enough.  Nicolae drove the dagger deeper into the other man’s throat, slicing through muscle and down to the spinal chord.  Blood began to squirt out everywhere as life drained out from the spoiled, rich boy.  There was a small hatchet among the weaponry on the wall next to them.  Nicolae reached out and grabbed it before hacking into Dimitri’s nearly decapitated corpse…

Continue with CHAPTER 3.

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