Tuesday, February 5, 2013

News about "Bloodlines"

Hey everyone,

Hope you've enjoyed the unedited Prologue of the first book in the "Bloodlines" series and I look forward to bringing you Chapter 1, Part 1: Nicolae's Escape.  

If you haven't read the Prologue yet, you can do so here. 

Now onto the news:
I've been doing alot of thinking in regards to the release of the series.  I wanted to released the unedited prologue and chapter 1 and 2 as a way of estimating a general response from people.  As I say on the BEHIND THE BLOODLINES page, this is a different type of project for me (even with writing) and although the story is what it is at this point, it's still very experimental as of right now.  SO, here's what I've decided to do after much thought:

I'm going to be releasing the unedited first draft of Book One in it's entirety on this site, chapter by chapter.  It seems that people are enjoying it and I'm enjoying introducing the story to you guys.  The unedited serialized version of the first book available on this site will cost absolutely nothing to read.

Now, keep in mind that the book will still be edited and things such as grammatical errors will be corrected, some more detail may be given to people and places, etc.  The edited, completed draft will also be offered as a physical and digital book on Amazon and such.

Will I do this will all the books in the series?  Probably not.  I WILL offer some sample chapters of the completed and edited subsequent books.  But I'm doing this with the first book because I think this will be a good way to introduce the general story since, like I said, this is still a sort of experimental venture for me, so in a way it will help me make it the best I can make it.  Plus, this will also get me some first reactions to the story and also maybe start the spreading via word of mouth.  And I can say from experience that word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertisement.  Go big or go home, right?

So I look forward to continuing to introduce the story to you guys and I hope you enjoy reading!  I also look forward to bringing the entire edited book :)

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