Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Bloodlines" PART 1, NICOLAE'S ESCAPE: First Interlude (UNEDITED) *Explicit*

If you're just coming into this, catch up with the Prologue here.


Romanian-Hungarian Border
June of 1844


He was above her.  His rough, callused hands explored the curves and soft naked flesh of her body.  Her dark eyes glistened with an intense desire as her thin fingers caressed the scars and fresh welts on his chest and back.  Her touch was healing and soothed any pain that lingered from the lashings.  She was his rock; all emotional and physical hurt had left him when he was with her. 
The small fire burned beside them, burning like the heated love that had ignited between them as dry heat and sweat consumed them.  Strands of her long, black hair clung to her forehead, face, and chest.  His eyes were locked onto hers as he lovingly brushed them aside.  She rose up to him, bringing her lips to one of the newer welts on his chest.  He winced, drawing in a jagged breath as he wrapped his arms around her, tangling his fingers in her hair.  They lingered for a moment, desperately holding onto one another.  It was as though they were both afraid that the other would slip away if they were to let go.  He tilted her head back, bringing his face down to hers, lightly running his tongue along her lips before she would part them and they would share a long, passionate kiss.
“My Eloisa,” he whispered after their mouths had parted.
“Yes,” she said stroking his face, “only yours.”
He touched the hand stroking his face, bringing his lips to her palm before she would lie back.  He hovered over her carefully moving his coarse fingers between her legs.  His eyes traveled over her body as she reacted to the movement of his fingers.  He took extra care to make certain that she was ready for him.  He finally entered her, watching her reactions to him as he moved inside of her.  
He was aroused by her cries and filled with a carnal lust for her.  He could feel her hands pushing into the muscles of his back as she wrapped her legs around his waist allowing him to thrust in deeper.  She was here with him.  His Eloisa was with him.  He was bared to her and she was to him.  She whispered his name, crying out with pleasure as he brought a hand down beneath her, pushing her hips up further as he thrust faster.
“I love you,” he said breathlessly, approaching his climax.
“Nicolae!” she cried as she too reached her plain of ecstasy… 

...Nicolae lay on the grassy bank  He could hear the sounds of woodland creatures, and running water.  He felt content, happy, and complete as he always did with Eloisa.  He could hear breathing next to him.  The breathing was soft and rhythmic, indicating a deep sleep. 
Nicolae smiled to himself, still coming down from the heavenly delirium.
My Eloisa...
Then the person next to him stirred and let out a small moan.  But the noise caught Nicolae off guard. The voice was different from that of Eloisa's.  The intoxicating fog began to clear from his mind as his being seemed to float back down to the shock of reality.  The person beside Nicolae was not Eloisa but his little brother Sebastian.  It was then he remembered that he and Sebastian were headed to a seaport while trying to elude the authorities who wanted Nicolae dead.

Nicolae let out a choked, defeated groan.  He did not want to wake up.  He wished he could stay asleep and in whatever world he was just in.  Opening his eyes meant re-entering a world where she was gone.  Gone from him forever. 

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