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"Bloodlines" Prologue Part 1 (Unedited First Draft)

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As promised I am sharing the prologue of the first book of my novel series.  "Bloodlines" is the working title of the series, but I'm totally using it as the title of the prologue.  It is a four part prologue that introduces the four 'bloodlines' of the main characters.  This is Part 1 :)

Also, keep in mind that this is the unedited first draft!  I will still be correcting grammatical stuff and maybe adding, deleting, etc.

If you want to read the entire Prologue without "interruptions," you can do so here.

Hope you enjoy :)


The Bloodlines
June of 1844

Romanian-Hungarian Border (Transylvania)
Nicolae Ganoush was a young man of nineteen when he took his eleven-year-old brother Sebastian out of Romania.  Nicolae was a wanted man.  Wanted for murder and treason.

A pale moon hung in the black, starless sky as the two boys fled into the thick Transylvania woods.  Nicolae knew that Romanian officials would be on the hunt for him and would likely be alerting officials in the neighboring countries to be on the lookout for the two Roma slaves on the run from the law.  The boys would travel through the night and into tomorrow.  They wouldn’t be stopping to rest until the following night and even then they couldn’t be still for too long.  Nicolae knew that he and Sebastian didn’t have much time and a long journey lay ahead of them. 
The boys felt their way through the brush, keeping at an even pace despite Sebastian’s protests of being tired.  Nicolae ordered his younger brother to keep his mouth shut and the two boys continued deeper into the dark forest. Ghostly clouds floated passed the full moon high above the trees, taunting the boys with a small amount of light before enveloping them in darkness.
Sebastian was hungry.  The younger Ganoush boy tried desperately to keep up with his older brother, unaware of all that had occurred just moments earlier.  He had been asleep in his bunk when he was awakened by Nicolae grabbing him from his cot.  Sebastian had noticed the blood on Nicolae, but the older boy offered no explanation other than the two of them having to leave at that very moment.

Sebastian was relieved when they came to a stop at a creek in a clearing.  Nicolae set down the small bag he carried.  The sound of water flowing over rocks and small branches was a soothing contrast to the heated tension radiating from Nicolae.  Sebastian watched as his brother knelt down and roughly scrubbed the drying blood from his hands in the creek.
“Nicolae,” Sebasian said cautiously.  He hoped that Nicolae had some food in his bag.
“What,” Nicolae replied without looking up.  He had removed his bloodstained shirt, dipping it down into the water.  The moon had come out from behind the clouds casting it’s pale beam into the clearing.  Sebastian could see the intensity on his brother’s face as he worked to remove as much of the blood as he could from his clothes and skin.
“I’m hungry,” Sebastian said.
“Well you’re going to have to wait!” Nicolae snapped.
Sebastian flinched backward, his mouth gaping.  Hot tears began to form in Sebastian’s eyes.  He was scared.  Hungry, confused, and scared.  All he wanted at that moment was a scrap of something to eat and for Nicolae to tell him what was going on.  He was tired of Nicolae thinking he was nothing more than a silly child.  Sebastian turned so his brother couldn’t see the tears threatening to escape down his face.
“I’m sorry,” Sebastian heard Nicolae say.  He looked back at his older brother.  A genuine remorse had fallen over Nicolae’s face.
“I’ll give you something to eat soon,” Nicolae continued, “we just need to go a little further while the moon is still out.”
Sebastian responded with a slow nod.  Nicolae pulled his damp shirt back on over his head (he had been able to get most of the blood out).
“Come,” Nicolae said picking up his bag, “another mile and we’ll stop and eat something.  I promise.”
Sebastian gave his brother a small but grateful smile.  He followed Nicolae along the creek, trying his best to keep up with his older brother’s quick, long strides.
“Where are we going?” Sebastian asked, breaking the silence between them.
Nicolae paused before answering, “America.”
Sebastian’s eyes widened.  He looked up at his brother who kept his eyes forward.
“But…what about Eloisa?” Sebastian said furrowing his brow into a frown.
Nicolae came to an abrupt stop at the mention of Eloisa’s name.  Sebastian thought he could see tears forming in Nicolae’s eyes.
“I’d rather not speak of her,” Nicolae said, his voice strained.  Nicolae began walking ahead before Sebastian could say anything more.

The two brothers walked on in silence with Sebastian sneaking occasional glances up at his brother.  Nicolae wore and look of pain and sadness.  Eloisa was not coming with them.  Sebastian’s mind began to race with the possibilities of what may have happened.   
The swift departure, the blood on Nicolae, Eloisa not coming with them…
Chills crept over the younger boy’s skin as more clouds formed a curtain in front of the moon, once again leaving the brothers in the dark.

"Bloodlines" Prologue Part 2 

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