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"Bloodlines" Prologue Part 2 (Unedited First Draft)

Here is part 2 of the prologue of the first book in the series. 

After this, there are two more parts with a final wrap around at the end.

And like I said, this IS the unedited first draft.  I will be correcting grammatical stuff, adding, deleting, and there are still a couple small things I need to research more of.  But this is the gist of it :)

If you want to read the entire Prologue without "interruptions," you can do so here. 

Illinois-Iowa Territory Border, United States 
On the other side of the world near the Iowa Territory, Jonathan Blake rode his horse Samson on the plains of the American Midwest.  It was early evening, but there was still plenty of daylight left.  Enough for the eighteen-year-old Irishman to get in a good, long ride before nightfall.  Riding Samson across the open terrain was a much loved pastime for Jonathan.  He had come to know the area well, but there was always new uncharted territory to discover.  But on this particular evening, Jonathan was on a mission.

Jonathan had come to America in the autumn of 1832 with his parents, Charles and Emma, and his younger brother, Brendan.  The Blakes had been a working class Black Irish family who had emigrated from Ireland when the beginnings of what would become the potato famine began taking place in some areas of the country.  Charles Blake’s intention was to buy his family land further out west near the Iowa Territory.
Neither Jonathan nor Brendan could recall much of the boat ride from Ireland to America.  At the time, Jonathan was barely five years old and Brendan was two.  But Jonathan did have a memory of getting off the ship with his family after docking at a port in New Jersey.  He had been a curious child and could hardly get enough of his new surroundings.  He remembered taking in how different the new country seemed compared to Ireland.
Upon their arrival, Charles had only had enough money to get his family to New York.  He was fortunately able to get a job with James Livingston’s publishing company and would work for Livingston as he tried saving up money while also providing his family’s needs. Within a year’s time of settling in New York, Charles and Emma would welcome their daughter Frances (or “Frankie” as family and friends would call her) into the world.  The Blakes were thrilled with the new addition to their family and considered the little girl to be a wonderful blessing.  But with one more mouth to feed, the land out west seemed to be a far greater long shot than before.
Charles and Emma had been considering the possibility of a permanent stay in New York after the birth of their fourth child, a son they named Isaiah.  The devoutly Catholic family had come to accept being thankful for the things they did have rather than covet more.  Charles had also found an unlikely friend in the very wealthy James Livingston.  Livingston would come to have a larger role in the lives of the Blakes than anyone would ever be able to imagine and after five years, the Blakes would finally get their land out west.  The youngest child of Charles and Emma, their daughter Rachel, was born on the new land.

It had been eight years since the Blake family had been living on the land Charles Blake had dreamed of buying for his family.  Jonathan was grateful to be riding along the open trail with the warm, late afternoon sun warming his face.  A light wind from the east tousled his dark brown hair.  His thoughts were about the young woman he had seen two days ago along the path.  His mission was to see her again.  She was the most beautiful girl Jonathan had ever seen and he had figured her to be part of the Dakota Sioux tribe nearby.  He had seen her two days ago while out riding Samson.  Jonathan had turned Samson onto a trail when he had seen her walking up from the opposite direction. Jonathan had slowed Samson down, approaching the girl with caution.  He was able to hear that she was singing softly to herself (and was able to get a better look at her) as he got closer.  She appeared to be a couple of years younger than Jonathan, possibly about sixteen.
The young woman had stopped her singing and was looking up at Jonathan with a curiosity as he brought Samson to a halt.  Her dark eyes then went from expressing curiosity to more of an apprehension.  Jonathan didn’t want her to be afraid of him and smiled warmly at her.  He wanted her to know that he meant her no harm.
She stood studying him for a few moments before seeming to relax a little.  Jonathan slowly dismounted from Samson, hooking the horse’s bridal to a strong branch on the tree closest to them.  He turned back to her and their eyes were locked, her black eyes to Jonathan’s grayish-blue eyes.  Jonathan watched as a light wind caused some strands of her black hair to flow around her face.  He could feel his heart beginning to pound in his chest as the world around him seemed to disappear.  At that moment, only Jonathan and the young Dakota Sioux woman existed.  Jonathan had felt his feet taking him toward her.  She stood, seemingly paralyzed as she watched him move closer to her.  He was just close enough to speak to her when she suddenly became startled and disappeared back down the path and into the field.  Jonathan’s first impulse was to run after her, but he was able to stop himself from doing so.  Instead, he had stood there staring after where she had run to wondering if he would ever see her again.
He had returned to that area over the last two days hoping to see her again but she hadn’t been there.  And now here he was, back again.  Jonathan was surprised at the effect this girl had had on him.  Of course, he had seen plenty of girls in the towns and neighboring areas who were also beautiful.  But none of them had done to him what the young woman on the trail had.

A happily infatuated Jonathan Blake was unaware of the two Romani boys on the other side of the world.  Unaware that Nicolae Ganoush (a young man only a year older than he was) and his brother Sebastian (who was the same age as Jonathan’s brother, Isaiah) ran for their lives through a dark forest in the middle of the night with barely anything to their names.  As Nicolae and Sebastian Ganoush stopped at the creek, Jonathan had stopped his horse at the trail where he had originally seen the young woman a couple days prior.  Jonathan began taking Samson down the trail as Nicolae and Sebastian began to follow the creek toward the Romanian-Hungarian border.  The three boys each had a purpose for their movement.  As Nicolae and Sebastian would pick up their pace along the creek, Jonathan would slow Samson’s trot as he watched intently for the young woman.  Over in Romania, Nicolae had stopped to give Sebastian the food break he had promised him.  As Nicolae and Sebastian took that brief, sweet moment to eat a piece of stale bread and drink a little water from Nicolae’s small flask, Jonathan had brought Samson to a halt, his heart leaping at the site of her.  She was there, walking along the path, singing softly to herself as she had been doing when Jonathan had seen her for the first time.

Nicolae’s heart raced as he relived the horrific moments in his mind.  The events that made him a wanted man on the run.  At the same moment, Jonathan’s heart raced as he offered the young woman a nervous yet warm smile as she slowly approached him, reaching out to pet Samson.  The event that would make Jonathan a young man in love.

"Bloodlines" Prologue Part 3 

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